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Lizabeth N. Brown lives in Saint-Calixte, a wonderful city with the imposing Lake Beaudry as its number one tourist attraction. In this city, we love to go to the park and make BBQ and grills on Sundays with friends and family. It is a tradition.

Our founder Lizabeth N Brown was raised among grill chefs. Her father is a well-known grill chef in the city and owns one of the most important restaurants. Lizabeth did not stay behind and decided to follow her family’s passion.

She majored as chef and devoted her life to the grills where she could smoke and grill all kinds of ingredients, providing delicious treats to the world. While studying, she met a group of people who had the same interests and became friends with them. From that point on, they would meet every Sunday to grill and exchange different cooking techniques.

These BBQs became very popular among their friends, and they decided to take the next step. They would no longer meet alone. They wanted the entire city to enjoy these gatherings.

After several months of hard work, they created Le Rendez-Vouz International de La Grillade Saint-Calixte. An event for all the people in the city and all parts of the world to share new grilling techniques, to compete with each other, enjoy a food tasting sessions. In addition, the festival gathers professional grillers who provide different cooking courses.

This event has been a success year after year. Chefs from all over the world come every year to demonstrate their techniques.

This is why Le Rendez-Vouz de La Grillade was born. The online magazine where you can enjoy not only news about the event but also information related to the world of the grill.

Le Rendez-Vouz de La Grillade also wants to be a community for all grillers and lovers of Canadian and international cuisine. Sharing experiences will help us all grow as individuals and as professional grillers.