Grill Legends – Myron Mixon

Although not many people are aware of this, there are chefs that devote their life to smoking and grilling rather than simply cooking. In that industry, Myron Mixon is one of the founders, as he is one of the most famous grill chefs in history. Read this article to learn his life story.

US Born and Raised

featured image Grill Legends Myron Mixon US Born and Raised - Grill Legends - Myron Mixon

He was born in 1962 in the United States. He’s been champion of the competitive Barbecue circuit four times. Myron Mixon is the judge of the reality show BBQ Pitmasters, where he is the host for the most distinguished grill chefs.

First Competition

His first win was in 1996 during a regional competition in Atlanta, Georgia. His goal was to promote his parents’ BBQ sauce, but he achieved much more than that. He won as the best grill chef by exquisitely grilling a whole pig.

He continued competing and won over 180 times, making him a multi-champion in the Big Pig competition, an achievement no grill master has ever gotten until today.

Best- Selling Author

featured image Grill Legends Myron Mixon Best Selling Author - Grill Legends - Myron Mixon

In 2010, he signed a major contract to write several cookbooks. He wrote Smokin’ with Myron Mixon, Everyday Barbecue: At Home with America’s Favorite Pitmaster, and Myron Mixon’s BBQ Rules.

In each book, he details his beginnings as a grill chef and shares his greatest secrets for cooking different types of meat and keeping them juicy. He also shares a variety of incredible recipes that would blow anyone’s minds.

From the Grills to Politics

featured image Grill Legends Myron Mixon From the Grills to Politics - Grill Legends - Myron Mixon

Thanks to his enormous popularity, in 2016 Mixton was elected mayor of Unadilla, in his hometown Georgia. He has been able to maintain a remarkable and outstanding job in politics. He has demonstrated that he not only is the best grill chef in the world but also a respectable and very intelligent person who serves his hometown.

Current Projects

featured image Grill Legends Myron Mixon Current Projects - Grill Legends - Myron Mixon

In 2017, he founded his own restaurant in Alexandria, Virginia with Joe Corey, a certified barbecue judge, and Bill McFadden. This restaurant is known for offering Mixon’s best and most famous dishes.

Some of the dishes offered are dry chicken wings, and Baby Back Mac and Cheese, among others, receiving thousands of visitors from all over the world every year.

Myron Mixon’s legacy is without limits. His books continue to sell today, and more and more young people want to follow his example. His great recipes and creative dishes have delighted the palate of more than one proving he is more than a grill chef.