Our Reader’s Opinions

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Read more about Le Rendez-Vouz de La Grillade thanks to the opinions and comments of grill lovers from Canada and the world who have come to enjoy the event to share their knowledge or simply to have a good time.

Mary Simmons, 27, Saint-Calixte

There is no doubt that Le Rendez-Vouz International de La Grillade Saint-Calixte is the best event we have in the city and one of the best in the country. Every year the festival is filled with delicious, smoky smells and flavors that make everyone’s mouths start watering. Thank you Lizabeth for making this event year after year.

Agustín Moleon, 34, Argentina

I had the opportunity to travel to Saint-Calixte in 2017 to share my techniques as a professional griller. I left feeling fully satisfied for the way everyone treated me at the venue and the reaction of the people who tasted my food. Now, thanks to the magazine I will be able to keep an eye on the event and share what I know every year.

Rebeca Smith, 40, Montreal

Every year I travel with my husband to the event. We love spending days in Saint-Calixte tasting deliciously grilled beef and burgers. Thanks to Le Rendez-Vouz de La Grillade I learned to perfect my grilling technique. If you have the opportunity to visit the festival, don’t miss out as fun is guaranteed for everyone there.

José Panini, 25, Uruguay

Last year I went with some classmates as a graduation trip. We studied cooking and at Le Rendez-Vouz International de La Grillade Saint-Calixte festival, we were able to learn more and demonstrate our skills. Thanks to that trip, I got a job as a grill chef in one of the best restaurants in my country.

Meghan Watts, 36, Italy

My husband is a renowned grill chef in Italy and every year he travels to Le Rendez-Vouz International de La Grillade festival in Saint-Calixte to teach everyone what he knows. I’m sure he won’t miss any publication of this magazine that’s all about grill food conference, events, and tastings.